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Concrete foundations

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Concrete foundation for Domestic and commercial projects.

Bradshaw contracts Scotland ltd: Groundworks Glasgow, We also specialise in concrete foundations for the domestic market for DIY building projects such as shed and garage bases, driveways and garden paths, so our team have the knowledge and experience to supply you with the necessary amount of concrete you need for your job. As a result, we are confident that you will be left with incredible results from our concrete products because of the high quality materials that go into making our concrete mixtures.

Our experienced team are here to help all the way through your projects – from the initial order to the delivery – and would be delighted to provide you with the benefits of their experience when it comes to requesting the correct type and amount of concrete for your requirements.

Home Extensions, Garage and Conservatories

To ensure complete stability and durability in any construction, concrete is a vital requirement. Its properties are necessary for aspects such as foundations, footings and flooring. It is also a major component in providing protection against the elements, allowing for sturdy foundations and water-tight exteriors in projects such as home and garage extensions and conservatories.

In The Garden

Concrete can supply you with a concrete mixture which is perfect for making any necessary improvements to your garden as well as your home. Our concrete will be ideal for constructing patio bases, green house and shed bases, and garden walls and paths.

Patio Bases

Patios are utilised to their full potential when using them for outdoor dining, children’s play areas and lounging in the sun. So it is only right that you should have a stable and durable foundation for this – our concrete can provide you with this.

Green House and Shed Bases

Green house and shed bases can benefit significantly from the stable, durable and highly effective range of outdoor concrete we make available to our customers. Mixed to order and to the relevant concentration, our concrete will provide you with an affordable solution to your green house and shed base needs.

Garden Walls and Paths

Garden walls and paths need a secure basis for their construction and a solid adhesive to hold their components together. We supply concrete for all kinds of outdoor use, so you can be sure it will be long lasting and completely reliable.

We provide a range of fibre reinforced concrete mixes which are ideal for use in paving, as well as for patios, pedestrian and parking areas. Using fibre reinforced concrete means that the concrete is stronger, more durable and has a reduced risk of cracking.